Baseball is a Metaphor for Life


Baseball is a great metaphor for life. Sometimes we're not the best, or not at our best, but ultimately we just have to persevere and make things happen through sheer determination. I was 5'2" in high school and never in my wildest dreams imagined I would be playing pro ball for a decade. Yet here I am. Wiser, taller and throwing 97.

Below is my story, as told through one June game and mostly through the voice of one of my heroes, Vin Scully.


Norris a great all-around athlete growing up. He played football, baseball, basketball, swimming, water polo, golf and whatever else kids dream up. So again, a 2-2 count, Norris is ready and here he comes. Ground ball to short and Castro takes dead aim and that’s that. So Bud Norris, a nice inning for him, a strikeout and a couple ground balls.” 

-Vin Scully


"I’m sure every pitcher has a certain routine and Norris certainly has one. His 1-0 pitch and Seagar takes high. Ball two. For instance, exactly an hour and five minutes before the first pitch of a game, let’s say a 7:10PM start, he is in the shower at 6PM. He showers, changes, stretches, headphones and bullpen. Goes to the mound at 6:45ish. By the way, one of the things he does before every baseball game is puts his baseball pants on two legs at a time. Here is the pitch, change and it’s in there for a strike. And as he says, ‘try it sometime.’ Pants, two legs at a time. Who would have though"

-Vin Scully


“Pitch on the way, fastball is low. Norris is throwing hard, I didn’t expecting that, he just hit 96 MPH. One of Norris’ prized possessions, his grandfather gave him a baseball autographed by Joe Dimaggio. Since Norris grew up just outside of San Francisco, I can certainly understand the importance. And meanwhile, Turner takes another 96er [mph] for strike."

-Vin Scully 


All photos courtesy of  Taka Yanagimoto